Car body work auto repair paint after the accident

Accident Repair

Does your car need repairs after an accident? Top Gear Customs Auto’s our professional mechanical experts will make your car look brand new after any collision. You won’t even be able to notice any damage done to your vehicle after we have spent time with it. Moreover we will make sure that the repairs meet the strict quality guidelines, with the best service and an affordable price. We understand the inconvenience of not having your car available when you need it, which is why we pride ourselves on being on time with our work.

Body Work & Paint Jobs

When you hire us, you are taking of the hassle of getting your dent fixed and choosing the right color. Applying a new coat of paint to a vehicle involves more steps than the average driver may realize.  A car body painting process would involve removing the rust and other debris from the surface that needs to be painted, filling cavities and dents in vehicles until the surface is even, masking off any remnants to avoid contamination and selecting the appropriate color for the car. For painting, paint sprayers and brushes are used. We specialize in all sorts of paint jobs – glossy or matt. The paint is checked for runs or sags and only necessary amount of paint for a thorough coat is utilized for the painting process. Top Gear Customs Auto takes care of every last detail.

Body paint2

Service & Maintenance

If you want a reliable & safe car that performs well, it is very important to look after your vehicle through regular service and maintenance. A car maintenance schedule depends on the year, make, and model of a car, its driving conditions and driver behaviour. Car makers recommend an ideal maintenance service schedule based on impact parameters such as

  • number of trips and distance travelled per trip per day
  • weather conditions: extreme hot or cold climate conditions
  • type of roads: mountainous, dusty or sandy roads
  • traffic status: heavy stop-and-go vs. long-distance cruising
  • towing a trailer or other heavy load

Experienced service advisors in dealerships and independent shops recommend scheduled maintenance at stipulated intervals. Missing these maintenance checks and repairs in order to save money will lead to ending up spending much more in the long run. Minor problems left unfixed can lead to major repairs.

Mechanical & Electrical Repair

The key responsibility of an auto mechanic and an electrician is fault diagnosis. At Top Gear Customs Auto, we meet vehicle owners to discuss their problems with vehicle and then carry out tests to identify the problem. If a vehicle has an issue with the ignition, or poor fuel consumption, our skilled team uses specialized tools to diagnose the problems in the ignition, fuel injection and engine management systems. To diagnose a vehicle with braking problems that are not due to mechanical faults, auto electricians diagnose the anti-lock braking system. We also test the battery and charging systems to ensure that electrical components receive the correct voltage.

Professional car mechanic, auto repair concept

Interior Work

Your vehicle is something that is very close to your heart. Just like the interior of your house, your car’s interior should be comfortable and personalized matching your style and persona. The interior of a vehicle can make or break its potential resale. Maintaining and repairing a car’s interior extends the lifespan of the vehicle and makes the driving experience more enjoyable

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